STOP Mass Deportation – London Stansted 31 Jan 17

The UK has racist, violent borders too.

Contact Stansted and Titan Airways and ask them not to be complicit in the deportation of up to 100 people from the UK to Nigeria and Ghana against their own will.

One person on the charter flight asks for people to ring Stansted Airport and Titan Airways (see below) and tell them that it is unlawful for them to remove Oyekunle from the UK whilst his asylum claim has not been answered by the Home Office, and that he is facing immediate persecution if returned to Nigeria (Quote Oyekunle’s Home Office reference number O1810480/002 – Case ID O16688837).

Oyekunle is a gay man from Nigeria – one of the most dangerous countries in the world for LGBT people – who came to the UK 4 years ago and claimed asylum. After his initial screening interview he was briefly detained. He has never had a full interview because the Home Office sent the notification to the wrong address. They are arguing that his claim has lapsed; he has been detained again and is scheduled to be part of Tuesday night’s mass deportation to Nigeria by charter flight.


Switchboard: 0844 335 1803

Tel: +44 (0)1279 680534
Immigration: 0870 606 7766


Tel: 01279 680616 (24 hour)
Fax: 01279 680110 (24 hour)


#StopCharterFlights Adhack on the Tube.3



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