Collective statement, 31st March 2017

Tuesday’s plane blockade was an unprecedented victory. For the first time in the UK, the brave and determined actions of campaigners grounded a charter flight and prevented the deportation of dozens. It showed a glimpse of what’s possible through collective action: when we fight we can win.

That the Home Office would rush to try and undo that victory is no surprise. Last night (Thursday, 30th March 2017) they chartered another flight to deport people who had been due to be removed on Tuesday. But every person who was forcibly taken to Nigeria and Ghana last night knows that there are people in the U.K. who will fight for them by any means necessary.

We have been humbled and energised by the messages of support, thanks and encouragement from people who were meant to be on Tuesday’s flight, their loved ones, and people everywhere who want justice. To the thousands inspired by the action on Tuesday night: Join the movement. Join the fight. Join the resistance.

We will stay in touch with those deported, and with people still and formerly in UK detention, to support those who have led the resistance to mass and individual deportations for years. Together, we will fight until we win.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 01.21.38 copy


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