A Letter to Yarl’s Wood

The Stansted 15 are with you in spirit

Every single day of the month long Yarl’s Wood women’s strike we have thought of you. We are in awe of your strength and resilience to strike for this time, to hold on while unjustly held in detention, to support each other through incarceration and threat of deportation, and even now to lend us your support. We are incredibly grateful, we only wish we could show you how much.

For us, with papers, with status, with citizenship, we cannot truly know what you have been through and the pain this government has caused you. But we do know we have a collective responsibility to take action. While we wait for the verdict of our trial, going where and when the court tells us, contained in the dock and threatened with incarceration, know that we are waiting all the time for your freedom too.

We believe in the communities we build together: communities where we make homes, communities where we hold up justice and care for one another as the most important things. Communities where we are all safe. There are millions of people across the UK who don’t want to see friends, neighbours, loved ones, sisters, brothers, colleagues and community members snatched away by the government in the middle of the night.

We long for the day when we can hug you, laugh with you, share our stories face to face. We will not stop resisting until that day comes. Our movements will not stop organising until everyone is safe to live in peace and freedom. Deportations must end. Detention prisons must close. These walls must fall. These flights must stop. We will fight until we are all free.


XXX Love, rage and solidarity from the Stansted 15 XXX


A reply to a letter written by the brave women at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.