What you can do

What you can do!

You can take immediate action to show opposition to the scheduled charter flights, and voice opposition to the airline which voluntarily chooses to work with the Home Office: Titan Airways. In choosing to take contracts with the Home Office, Titan Airways is complicit in forcibly removing people from the UK against their will, profiting from the violence and assault that takes place on board. It is necessary for this company to understand that there is strong opposition to the racist immigration policies they facilitate through operating these charter flights.Charter flights are much more difficult than commercial flights for individuals facing deportation (or those surrounding) to resist, so anything anyone who is not on the flight is able to do can really make a difference.- Direct action! Anything to delay the coaches and flight, as gaining time for people with removal directions means that their solicitor may have time to legally act to stop them from being removed. There are instances where detainees have not been deported, simply because there is not enough time to take everyone on the list from detention to the airport, and so some are left behind in order to avoid further delay.

Target receiving countries! Protest and bombard Embassies and High Commissions, and tell them not to give the UK government authorisation and access to land charter flights. Tell the Nigerian High Commission that we know that they do not adhere to their own requirements for issuing travel documents, and that they must be responsible for checking that the UK government act lawfully in deporting people.

– Campaign against Titan Airways! Titan Airways has won the BACA Best Passenger Charter Airline Award on multiple occasions “and today has the prestigious reputation of the Airline of Choice for a wide variety of air charter services worldwide.” Tell Titan Airways to not collude with the Home Office in forcibly removing people against their will and not to be complicit in the violence that takes place on these charter flights. As in Germany, enough campaigning could force the airline to abandon this contract, and discourage other airlines from building relationships with the Home Office.

– Publicise that this charter flight is taking place! In line with the Home Office’s aims, most people don’t know that regular ghost flights leave the UK, sending people to countries they are scared to return to, or may have never known, and violently taking them away from family and lives in the UK.

If you have removal directions or a deportation order for a charter flight, or know someone who does, you can contact The Unity Centre: info@unitycentreglasgow.org or 0141 427 7992