In September a charter flight left the UK for the first time in 2 years to Jamaica. I was one of the 42 people deported, taken from my partner and kids to a country where I have nothing and know no one. I lived in the UK for 17 years, since I was 14.

The lawyers in the UK took all my money, and now I have so little I can’t even afford a bed to sleep on. I can’t find a job and I have no family here. My kids in the UK need clothes and food that my wife can’t afford with the small support given to her. I don’t care about myself I just want to help my kids. Why hurt my kids too?

Nobody will help me here, the organisations they just say that there is nothing they can do – even the National Organisation of Deported Migrants who are paid by the British High Commission to help deportees and legitimise our deportation to Jamaica. We are just kicked out to the streets. They gave me a leaflet on ‘Coming Home’ but Jamaica is not my home. The British government, they know this because they give instructions of how to ring someone in Jamaica. How can they deport people they know never even ring the country they are being deported to?

In the UK is my mother, brothers, sister, nieces, nephews – my whole family – but because Jamaicans are no good in the eyes of the British government they treat us with no respect. The British government forgot what they did to my grandfather but we forgave them for it. They strapped me up on the plane like a dog in chains. Who is going to help us?

On the 7th of September 2016 I was hurt in many ways. I feel like I’ve been kidnapped. The British government say I have to resettle “back on this beautiful, diverse island” but I have to hide here because of the violence in Spanish Town. I still want to have a life but I feel like I can’t breathe. The stress and pressure of every day alone with no one to talk to is going to kill me. Please help us. Give us strength to keep fighting and stop this inhumane suffering.


To be honest I don’t know where to start I don’t so I’m just going to say it as it is. I hate the fact governments are so small minded and do not see the risk people face. I was living in the UK and was deported due to false accusations made against me even though I had no choice but to plead guilty to an affray I was not guilty of.

If you had a daughter who depended on you would you go for trial and face 5-6 years or a plea bargain of 24 months. It’s obvious really. Your going to feel comfortable taking that plea bargain also if you have Sarah Underwood of Johnson’s Partnership Solicitors telling you, you will not face any risk of deportation. I shouldn’t of listened to her but being young and naive in a hole new scenario such as that I trusted her.

The witness who was suppose to act on my behalf didn’t want to com to court I was left with but few options. Three on 1 in a court room doesn’t look good. So that’s why I am not only writing this for Injustice of charted flights but Injustice for innocent convicted individuals.

That sentencing lead me to do 12 months in prison 6 on which I was remanded. I was cut n sliced whilst in jail because of the same person that made these false accusations and got me into this predicament in the first place so can you blame me to feel a little contemptuous towards that person? No. But forgive n move on.

That whole experience didn’t only leave me with physical scars but mental too. I’m crying as I write this because who would believe me to be innocent over 3 young ambitious looking people. I never even got the chance to hug my child and tell her goodbye. I opened up to immigration certain parts of my memory i was adamant about not sharing but yet again as a father sometimes you have to put your pride aside.

All the letters all the writing what was they for? They still turned around and put us on a plane to a third world country where people dying is so normal it’s beyond normal. You wouldn’t believe the amount of dead bodies I’ve seen within the short space of time I’ve been in Jamaica. I’ve had to move to my aunties because my mum can’t afford to keep me in her one bedroom with 6 kids.

I’ve done some stuff but I’ve never lied about them and I shouldn’t of been sent back here to see the things I’m seeing hear the things I’m hearing and going through this stage of sufferation. I was in care I was looked after by the government. Would you adopt a baby and then because he or she was accused of something cast them out? No you wouldn’t you raised that child you fight that child’s corner. It’s not the same thing no but I believe it holds the same principal.

What you have caused in my life is beyond pain. Sometimes I want to kill myself I went from my family life to barely eating 2 meals a day. My partner constantly cries longing for my return. I’m left with keeping promises to her I don’t know if I can keep.

As soon as the cameras were turned off on the plane the ill treatment began. How can you treat people like there dogs how I seen it done slyly and it’s pissed me the fuck off. I’m beyond stressed at times I look at the trees and picture myself hanging off one. No that won’t happen though maybe I won’t be able to return to the UK but I won’t let that dictate to me whether I see my child again. I will save what ever I manage to get and I will see her again somehow.

I wonder if the tables were turned if you’d understand then. Having to deal with coming off a chartered flight the embarrassment, the sly racial comments and the hand gestures when your looking out the bus window, watching your so called escorts laugh and put their middle fingers up. I can’t even get a job out here no income I have to keep begging my family and friends to send me money to maintain.

I hope they can rest their heads easy at night. Scratch that I know they can. Just know this though: I know god is watching them as they sleep your evil shall not go unnoticed. I wish nothing bad on people’s kids but there kids will receive the treatment they carried on other people’s kids and when they start to wonder what have they done to deserve it god will show them in there minds. From the judge to the immigration officers even the caseworkers. It’s not Karma it’s Gods justice. You’ve ruined families, friendships and lives. People wont stand for this forever.


I’m an asylum seeker, I claim asylum in June 2016. I have been living in the country for almost 10 years. I’m destitute in the country, I got help from my church, uncle, friends. My family is killed by insurgency, our church was burnt down including congregation, bcos they dislike the fact that my father converted from Muslim to Christianity, and they built a church in the area.  I was lucky I’m at the campus when it happened, I receive a call from my friend, he said I have to run for my life, bcos terrorist group called. Boko Haram promised to kill the entire generation. I got help from good Samaritan, (travelling agent ). that got a visa for me to uk. When we arrived UK,  the guy disappears with my passport, I did not see him again. Since then I have been in the country, b4 my friend advice me to seek legal advice. No decision on my claim before I was deported back to my country. There is treat over my life,  my life is at risk.  I fear the terrorists bcos they killed my parents, and they’re still striking till today.

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