Your support funds ongoing casework with people facing deportation and campaign resources and court support during the trial for the Stansted blockade of a deportation charter flight.

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In March 2018, for 4-6 weeks, 15 people face terror-related charge for grounding a deportation charter flight at Stansted Airport. Donations will support campaign resources during the trial as well as helping the defendants cover the costs associated with moving to Chelmsford for 6 weeks: food, accommodation and living costs (they won’t be able to work/ cover their rent at home during the trial). Read more about the action and trial.

Ongoing casework will support people targeted for charter flight to get off the flight, get out of detention ASAP and move closer towards secure status. Casework supports people targeted for deportation by charter flight, helping them to take control of their immigration/asylum cases, access lawyers and independent healthcare, and get released as quickly as possible.